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New Cairo's latest Instagrammable eatery is rewarding you for doing just that...

Don't you wish all those Instagram pictures you take of your food meant something to someone? Don't you wish that your hard strained effort of making sure that everyone knows what you're eating, that what you're eating is amazing, when you're eating it and how many nom nom hashtags it deserves was rewarded, instead of being mocked and tutted at? Well, Sevengrains is here to support your love of amateur food photography skills with their #SeventhHeaven competition. 

Sevengrains in Downtown Mall Kattameya is quite fittingly what Instagram would look like if it were a restaurant; Brannan-esque brick walls and rustic Rise exteriors that make it look like a mix between an Italian bakery  and a cottage in the middle of the woods. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, their menu includes everything from fluffy blueberry pancakes to steaks and extra-cheesy pizza.

Their new competition gives you a chance to win a free dessert or drink if you Instagram a picture of your food at the restaurant and tag @Sevengrains and #Seventhheaven. So go on getting snapping, no one will mock you when you're munching into your free cheesecake.

Check out Sevengrains on Facebook here

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