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Drew Barrymore's Fake AF Interview With EgyptAir's In-Flight Magazine Goes Viral

"Psychologists believe that [Drew Barrymore's] behaviour is only natural since she lacked the male role model in her life after her parents' divorce when she was only nine years old."

Drew Barrymore Fake Interview with Egypt Air

If 'Fake it Until You Make it' is your motto, take note.

"It is known that [Drew] Barrymore has had over 17 relationships, engagements and marriages; psychologists believe that her behaviour is only natural since she lacked the male role model in her life after her parents divorce when she was only nine years old," writes EgyptAir's not-so-hidden gem of an in-flight magazine, Horus.American political analyst and twitter personality Adam Baron had unearthed what's safely-assumed as a fake interview with US celebrity Drew Barrymore in Horus Magazine. "Umm, surreal," is how he described the surprisingly elaborate work of fiction.

"Ever since that time, she has been subconsciously seeking attention and care from a male figure; but unfortunately things do not always go as planned and she has not yet succeeded in any relationships for various reasons."

The fake interview by Aida Tekla spared no effort when it came to perpetuating misogynistic, backward views on female sexuality and body-image, while also insinuating that Barrymore - who recently made a comeback on Netflix's new series Santa Clarita Diet - is taking a break from her career and focusing on 'motherhood'.Tekla reported that Barrymore allegedly said: "I feel overwhelmed when someone tells me that I have regained my image and managed to lose that extra weight, especially that I felt depressed due to the significant increase in my weight after delivering Frankie. However, I find this a great opportunity to encourage every woman who is overweight to work on regaining her beauty and body, especially that it is not as hard as one may think; it is all about determination and following the appropriate diet under the supervision of a physician."

Wow, Horus.

The story is quickly gaining massive attention from western media, with the Daily Mail calling it "bizarre." Furthermore, Barrymore's rep - unsurprisingly - confirmed to HuffPost that the actress had nothing to do with the interview whatsoever. 

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