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First Uber Bus in the World Now in Egypt

Uber's CEO Dara Khosroshahi landed in Cairo this morning with a game-changing announcement.

Uber Bus in Egypt

Earlier today, ride-hailing giant Uber's CEO Dara Khosroshahi landed in Cairo with big news up his sleeves. Off to the Pyramids of Giza he went, after which he made his way to the Marriott Mena House Hotel to meet with Egypt's Investment Minister Sahar Nasr, all-ready to drop a game-changing announcement.

Cairo, the city of 20+ million - with the most complex road network in the region and Africa - is the first city in the world to get Uber Bus, dubbed "the first dynamic mass-transit transportation option" in the world

Investment Minister Sahar Nasr and Uber CEO Darak KhsroshahiInvestment Minister Sahar Nasr and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

"We started in Egypt because it's a very important market for us; it's the largest market in the Middle East, and it's one of our top 10 markets in terms of trips," Khosrowshahi told CairoScene earlier today. 

Darak Khsroshahi by MO4Network
Dara Khosrowshahi / MO4Network

Being a dynamics mass-transit system, Uber Bus won't have fixed routes. How it works it that when you request an Uber Bus, it connects you with a nearby bus where other passengers are mostly travelling in your direction, before eventually dropping you off to the nearest location possible. What makes it really special, obviously, is affordability; you could get from Heliopolis to Mohandessin for 20 pounds, and get this, NO SURGE!inside Uber Bus

"We really think it's the beginning of how we extend transportation from A to B to significant numbers of the population, so that our services are not just available to the wealthy or someone who could afford an iPhone, but truly available to anybody and everybody who lives in this city," added Khosrowshahi.

Uber Bus

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