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Egypt Hosts The World's Largest Game Hackathon

The Global Game Jam will be held at the Information Technology Institute in a two-day event of collaborative creativity.

This year’s Global Game Jam, the world’s largest free-for-all game development hackathon, is set to take place in Egypt at the Information Technology Institute (ITI), having been ranked as the largest site with the most participants in a game jam (single location) for five consecutive years, receiving a Guinness World Record award as a result. The event will also hostbthe Jam’s founder and president, Susan Gold.

For a grand total of 48 hours starting January 26th, talented individuals from all around Egypt can participate and collaborate in a vibrant and lively atmosphere full of creativity, collaboration, and experimentation in the fields of game development, artistic expression, iterative design and a bunch of other cool stuff. In addition to melding minds and churning out a bunch of interesting video games set to a secret theme, participants are encouraged to come together, build bridges and share experiences all while exploring new technology, tools and pushing the limits of their collective skills while working towards a common goal.

Feel like flexing your game muscles with Egypt’s talented geeks? All you need to do is register on the Global Game Jam site to get a ticket, be over the age of 16 and have a valid ID (or have a parent accompany you if you’re not) and bring all your tech and tools along with you as well as a sleeping bag if you intend on sleeping over.

For more information about GGJ 2018, head over to their website and take a look at the Facebook event page while you’re at it.

Photo from Noobfeed.

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