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N by Natalie’s New FW ’19 Collection Works Day and Night, Casual and Formal

Stuck at work late but still need to make it to that Christmas party? N by Nathalie's got you covered.

N by Nathalie

With our hectic work schedules and the frenzied social lives, we can't always be at our absolute fabulous-est all the time. Or can we? You see, local brand, N by Natalie, begs to differ and has returned for fall and winter with a vogue-vengeance.

Founded by Natalie Abrabova, a fashion savvy grandmother, N by Natalie is every working woman's dream collection and has just released it's FW'18 collection, Living the City, which is something of a godsend to working women who also want to unleash their inner fashionista. 

Inspired by the life in this, the most hustlin' and bustlin' city there is, the collection is all about elegance and making sure you’ve got your swag in check while still navigating through the busy streets of Cairo. How you ask? Well, N by Natalie is giving us statement pieces that can be styled in different ways.


Had a long day at work and now need to make it to your friend’s super boujy farewell party? No problem. Invited to your mother-in-law's last minute dinner and now need to head out to that hot date (just kidding, we mean that girl's night out)?  Natalie's got you covered with an outfit for any occasion. 



Featuring a limited edition of RTW couture including evening tops, N by Nathalie’s also created a line that will exclusively featured on www.Mitcha.com.

Check out N by Nathalie on Instagram

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