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Legendary Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Actor Joseph Fiennes Team Up for New Egypt Show

The Nat Geo recreates Sir Ranulph's epic 1969 expedition on the Nile.

Egypt With The World's Greatest Explorer

Named by the Guinness Book of Records as ‘The World's Greatest Explorer’, famed 71 year-old Brit, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, has teamed up with his cousin, actor Joseph Fiennes, to recreate Sir Ranulph’s epic 1969 expedition along the Nile River for National Geographic’s new show, Egypt With The World's Greatest Explorer.

Set to debut on March 14th, the three-part series will see Ranulph and Joseph take on an ambitious journey that covers the diverse terrains and traditions of Egypt.

The duo’s reported adventures include coming across carnivorous spiders and poisonous vipers in the Sahara and uncovering mummified bodies in snake infested tomb.

They also spent an entire night in the Great Pyramid, where they delved into mysterious tombs that are yet to open to the public. The show was also taken to El Minya, where they examine a newly discovered series of tunnels and tombs and explore the traditional stick fighting technique known as Tahtib, before ending their journey in Aswan in the crocodile-infested Lake Nasser.

Images courtesy of National Geographic






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