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Egyptian Brand Huwa Launches Royal-Inspired Men’s Accessories Collection

Don't be jealous of my bouji.

Huwa Kings and Crowns

Men in Egypt have a hard time upping their general fashion game,  let alone when it comes to high-end accessories. Huwa, an Egyptian fashion brand which launched earlier this year, has its eyes set on challenging that status-quo, and they've just released the Kings and Crowns accessory collection to push the bar even higher.

Kings and Crowns features a series of bracelets, cigar holders, lapel pin, and cuff-links, with each - as the name suggests - being inspired by a different royal era in history. The elegant pieces are made of sterling silver and brass, plated in either gold or platinum, and embellished with precious and semi-precious stones. They incorporate visual elements from actual crowns, weaponry and mythical symbols.

The designer behind Huwa, Hisham Wali, is an Egyptian who grew up between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, after which he took off to London for a marketing degree. His obsession with pins and cuff-links since childhood fueled him to move back to Egypt and launch Huwa. In doing so, he believes he's paving the way for an industry to follow.

Check more from Huwa on Instagram

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