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We Went Grazing through Cairo's Only Camel Market

9 photos from the the mellow hump-day when Heba Radi ventured into Cairo's Birqash Camel Market.

Right-south of the Delta, this Camel Market nears Birqash, a village that has grown around the weekly auctioning of these glamorous herbivores. The camels in Birqash are most often sold to butchers, to be slaughtered for their meat, a delicacy to some and a regular household staple to others.

The herders at the market tend to the camels as weekly batches arrive every Wednesday; meanwhile, the auctioneers and traders travel from Sudan every Friday for the big auction. In season, butchers frequent the market, so the herders tend to work more and for longer hours. Check it out:



Photos by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions

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